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VoIP Overview

Comporium’s Hosted VoIP Solution combines the technology of the Internet, the functionality of a PBX and the convenience of Centrex, without all the costs associated with a premises-based solution. This technology seamlessly merges your voice calls and data traffic onto a single managed connection. Because your converged voice and data is fully managed over our private network, you are guaranteed secure and controlled communication.

Use one broadband connection to carry voice and data traffic simultaneously without purchasing additional equipment.

Benefits of Comporium’s Hosted VoIP Solution:

  • Reduced Capital Expenditures—Reduce purchases, leases and management of expensive premise-  based equipment.
  • Reduced Operating Costs—Use an intuitive web interface to self-manage services, moves, adds and changes.
  • Centralized Control of Communications—Uniform feature functionality, regardless of location reduces the complexity of adding sites, users and features.
  • Secure Network—Service is provided on a facilities-based, controlled, Quality of Service-enabled (QoS) network.
  • Customized Web Portal—Configure calling feature services via web interface.
  • Suite of Features—More features and interfaces offered on the hosted network than with traditional voice services. 
  • Single Provider—One provider for all your communications services, all on one bill.
Highlighted VoIP Features

Caller ID 3-Way Calling
Call Transfer Call Trace
Call Forward Always Shared Call Appearance
Call Forward Busy CommPilot Call Manager
Call Forward No Answer CommPilot Express
Remote Call Forward Direct Call Pickup
Call Waiting Calling Name Retrieval
Do Not Disturb Outlook Integration
Malicious Call Trace Personal Voice Portal
Personal Web Portal Remote Office
Voice Mail Simultaneous Ring
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