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Comporium's Hosted VoIP Solution combines technology of the Internet, the functionality of a PBX and the convenience of traditional hosted solutions without costs associated with a premise-based solution.  Hosted VoIP technology seamlessly merges your voice calls and data traffic for a complete managed solution.  Comporium’s Hosted VoIP Solution provides three tiers of license options, each with different sets of features, giving employers and decision makers the ability to decide the features each employee needs. Users can have different features activated so that the license is tailored to their particular job requirements. All license tiers include basic dial tone and a set of Group features to complement the User license features. Below are additional web-based applications available at no additional cost, as well as applications that may be purchased a la carte to accompany the features included in the packages. 

Benefits of Comporium’s Hosted VoIP Solution:

  • Enterprise Networking—Make unlimited toll-free calls between multiple office locations using the hosted network platform.
  • Unified Messaging Capability—Ease the management of messaging and work flow by having your voice mails forwarded to your e-mail account.
  • Reduced Cost of Ownership —Reduce space requirements by eliminating large telephone equipment.  Automatic upgrades are included in your monthly service.
  • Web-based Collaboration—Turn features on and off and make phone calls all from your web interface.
  • Mobility Options—Easy access to make, receive and push calls between mobile and desk phone.
  • Enhanced Productivity—With access to robust functionality, employees can stay reachable wherever they are.
  • Effective Disaster Recovery Options— Automatically re-direct your calls with pre-configured settings to external devices in case of a disaster.
  • Bundled Long Distance—Choose packages of long distance minutes to meet the needs of your business.


Unified Communication Features:  

  • Extend desk phone to mobile devices.
  • One familiar application to access voice, video, messaging, web collaboration.
  • Make and receive business calls on personal mobile devices using business identity.
  • Integrated and searchable personal contacts as well as business directory.

Highlighted Web-Based Applications

Voice Portal

Provides users an entry point to access and configure voice mail and voice messaging options. Each user has their own configurable pass code to access their menu of services. 

Web Portal

A visual interface that allows users to:

  • Manage and configure their own services
  • Access enhanced services via extendable point-and-click interface
  • Take advantage of all the easy to manipulate services and features
CommPilot Call Manager

Provides users a web-based application for basic and enhanced call processing and functionality.

CommPilot Express

Gives users a single point of management to configure CommPilot Call Manager profiles.

Unified Messaging/Fax

Provides users one voice mail solution, regardless of location with the ability to recieve notification and a carbon copy of the voice mail messages in an e-mail account.

Remote Office

Allows a secondary phone (i.e., wireless, home, hotel, etc.) to be used as a business phone, with the appearance that the call is being made from the user's office phone.

Simultaneous Ring

Enables users to avoid missing calls by having multiple phones ring at the same time. Up to 10 phones can be set to ring concurrently and the first to connect will stop the other phones from ringing.

Optional A La Carte Features

Attendant Console

Provides receptionists or phone attendants with critical call details and status of all group members to ensure effective call routing.

Auto Attendant

An automated receptionist that provides callers with call routing options configured by the group administrator.


A feature-rich, desktop IP telephony attendant console for use by receptionists and office attendants who manage and screen inbound calls for enterprises.


Enables users to make and accept calls and change telephony settings via Microsoft Outlook and Internet Explorer. It is a feature-rich desktop toolbar, with user controls to access voice services efficiently.

Conference Bridge

Provides a full spectrum of conferencing solutions, from the easy-to-use, quick conference setup to the more elaborate “group conference” with recording and caller management.

Call Center

The Call Center provides an integrated full-feature solution for managing customer contacts. This application enables businesses of any size to build a comprehensive, feature-rich call center anywhere in the world-with no hardware, software or upfront capital expenditures.

Call Center Agent

Allows call center agents to perform call-control and agent state control functions directly from the desktop for IP phones, analog phones or the Communicator soft client.

Call Center Supervisor

Gives Call Center Supervisors superior management capabilities to monitor and record agent calls, determine training gaps and requirements. Using the available advanced reports, supervisors can determine appropriate staffing levels to manage costs while still effectively handling busy hours.

Reports can be accessed on agent performance and the Queue status is available in real-time to assess productivity levels.

Broadworks Anywhere

Simplifies, unifies and streamlines communications for on-the-go and remote users. Broadworks Anywhere extends personal features to any number of fixed and mobile devices and allows users to use one number for all incoming and outgoing calls, regardless of the phone used.

Bria Softphone

Softphone application that complements or replaces the user’s desk phone and enables users to make voice and video calls over IP, view status of contacts, with ease and efficiency, all from the computer desktop.

Orecx Call Recording

A web-based interface that allows the user to record calls as needed. It is accessible from anywhere there is a broadband connection, providing ease of use for mobile workers.

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