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Disaster Recovery

An effective disaster recovery plan could be the difference between staying afloat or being sunk.

Comporium’s Business Continuity solutions offer business applications that go beyond traditional link and network redundancy solutions and include a set of user services that ensure the highest level of business continuity available. In addition to basic access redundancy, Comporium provides a complete suite of business continuity services that support user mobility, ensuring:

  • Employees never miss a call
  • Employees can work from any location
  • Affected businesses can continue their operations

Business Continuity Solutions  

  • Comprehensive Approach—Support of any network failure scenario including supporting user, enterprise or network-based failures.
  • Phone Number Transparency—Allows users to maintain the same ingress and egress phone numbers during any type of failure
  • Leverage Telecommunications Investments—Leverages existing Legacy and IP infrastructure to route inbound and outbound calls around the points of failure.
  • Message Transparency—Maintain centralized mailbox independent of CPE or location.
  • Zero Downtime—Enhanced services, such as Broadworks Anywhere, Remote Office and Simultaneous Ring allow for calls even during a disaster.
  • Support Mobile/Telecommuters—Comprehensive support for numerous mobility and telecommunicating scenarios.

Providing a solution that extends to the user and network levels enables continuity solutions that address a wider range of disaster and catastrophic events. By leveraging existing infrastructure and mobile telecommunications, these solutions can be implemented with less complementary hardware, implementation issues and upfront investment.

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