Broadworks Ethernet Transport

Make the most of your Comporium voice services with convenient and easy-to-use calling features that make your fast paced work day more manageable.  With the variety of calling features Comporium offers you can customize your calls.   Click on the features below to learn more. 

Business Calling Features

3-Way Calling
Anonymous Call Block
Call Forward Busy Line
Call Forward Don’t Answer
Call Forwarding
Call Trace
Call Waiting
Call Wake-Up
Caller ID
Caller ID on TV
Distinctive Ring/Call Waiting
Fixed Call Forwarding
Per Call Blocking
Per-Line Blocking
Personal Call Service
Remote Activated Call Forwarding
Repeat Dial/Call Return
Selective Call Acceptance
Selective Call Block
Selective Call Forwarding
Simultaneous Ring
Speed Dial (30)
Speed Dial (8)
Subscriber Activated Code Restriction
Voice Mail

Value-Added Services

Hot Line
Inside Wire Maintenance
Meet-Me Conference Bridge
Warm Line

Operator Services and Directory Listings

Additional Listings
Call Completion
Directory Assistance (411)
Private Listing
Semi-Private Listing

More About Features
How to Use Features
Feature Codes

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