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Print Yellow Pages Delivers Results! There is no better time for your business to be in front of the customer than when Buying Decisions are being made. 68% of consumers using the Yellow Pages follow through with a purchase, contact or visit. 35% of those that make a purchase are New Customers!

Print Yellow Pages Advertising Opportunities


Custom Display Ads
Display Ads are custom designed to promote your business and its products and services. Packages range from Black to Custom Process Color. Let our Media Consultants help you design the most effective ad from Copy to Size and Placement.

In-Column Ads
Alphabetical Placement in the In-Column listings by Business Name. Ads range from Bolded Business Listings to Graphic Logos and short Buying Messages.

Directory Guides
Specific Industry Guides that allow consumers to easily find local businesses.

  • Restaurant Guide
  • Home Improvement Guide
  • Wedding Guide

Ask your Media Consultant about New Industry Guides in your local area.

Specialty Products
Specialty Products are great for getting Maximum Exposure in your local Market.

  • Paper or Magnetic Tip-Ons (4"x4" size, attached to cover of directory)
  • Outside or Inside Cover Ads
  • White Page Banner Ads
  • Spine Advertising
  • Tab Inserts

Ask your Media Consultant about New Specialty Products in your local area.


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